Friday, January 18, 2013

To Tell The Truth

High and inside -- Bam . . . That's Pete.
Coming soon the stories of some of Baseball's greatest heroes that reside in the Hall of Fame, but in reality, as great as they were on the field.  Their off the field antics are shameful, and in the modern day media and Internet they would be skewered beyond belief.

It is reprehensible Pete Rose is not in the Hall of Fame.  He's an Angel compared to many.  After all, and I will say it again.  Not a one of these self centered Sportswriters, who all have skeletons, yet prove quick to judge, could stand in the box while Bob Gibson threw a slider.

They damn sure can judge, both morally and physically.  Reminds me of the Supreme Court hearings centered around Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill.  And There sits Teddy "Chappaquidick" Kennedy on the panel to judge Clarence.  Get the point . . . .

I wonder who has the most skeletons in the closets, sportswriters or Hall of Famers?

Stay tuned . . . .

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